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Breaking some boundaries with Beefcake Cory (BCH)


Profession(s): Lifeguard: 28 | 5’7 | 160 | 7″ Breaking some boundaries with Beefcake Cory in a very romantic setting is the perfect way to start the new year. His legendary amazing, tanned body matched so well with the bedroom, so I decided to tour him around with my camera before lying down next to him and making the magic happens ๐Ÿ˜Š This time I went straight to his hard chest and nipples, and I did it while stroking his cock; once I felt it was ready, I skipped the balls and sucked his cock so good that I almost made him cum! So, I went back to his upper body to kiss some more of his chest, nipples, and belly…… then I went for his beautiful thick hairy legs; you guys know how much we love that here at BeefCakeHunter Land ๐Ÿ˜‰ But I did not limit myself to his legs only, I kissed his feet and sucked his toes! I know this will make some Hunters very happy! Then I went for his sexy arm and kissed it right before enjoying his hand and sucking his fingers. OMG, what a BCH feast! I guess I was doing everything right because, at that point, his cock was screaming for attention, and that is precisely what I gave it, and Beefcake Cory was so into the zone that he looked for my butt to caress it while I was working between his legs…. At this point, maybe the only part missing in Breaking some boundaries with Beefcake Cory was rimming him, so kind of I tried to explain to him why it was important to do it, but then he confessed to me that he had experienced that before with some girls, I went all the way to show his cherry to the world! Lol, it was a scorching and funny moment in BCH history. Getting fucked missionary was the other item on the menu for this scene, and I could say that he impressed me with how it was. He went with much energy and deep inside my man-pussy while smiling at the camera. I was enjoying it myself immensely, but I needed to make sure that we were at the right angle; that was the moment that I discovered that he had already cum! Lol Poor thing, maybe he was holding it for a while. I knew that for a longer pounding and a second orgasm, we should go doggie. Again, he went deep but softly, probably to avoid any other premature orgasm. Ans these situations, we all win because we get more of Mr. Beefcake 2021. Then he asked me for permission to cum, and he did it inside the condom, but it was visible that it was a lot again! I hope you guys enjoy this video Breaking some boundaries with Beefcake Cory, and Happy New Year 2023 Hunters!

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performer: Beefcake Cory

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