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Lunch break sex with BeefCake Justin


Lunch break sex with Justin that Friday afternoon was a strike of luck for me. He was working close to BeefCakeHunter Land, something unusual since he lives and works a few hours away. Still, hell, we did the most out of this encounter; after all, I have not seen this BCH Legend since last Christmas. It was evident that Beefcake Justin was eager for a refreshment break, with a beer in his big hands and a quick visit to the BCH arena. Maybe it was all he needed to continue his workday, and I am always happy to give “happy breaks” to these hardworking men. I surprised him by waiting for him on my knees. I love how Beefcake Justin is humble and confident enough to express how he feels whenever he is around BeefCakeHunter Land. In the first part of this Lunch break sex with Justin, I devoted myself to worshiping his big balls and cock, I also kissed his hairy legs, and by the glances he gave to the camera, he was enjoying himself very much. When we moved to the couch, before putting him on the condom, I kissed his sexy hairy daddy belly. Then I laid down on my stomach, which is becoming one of my favorites positions, not only for the delicious it feels but also because I have the Beefcakes so close to one of the most erogenous parts of my body, my neck, and give me the chance of kissing their arms or hands. The mirror reflection of his behind and balls nailing me will make the day for many Hunters, I see that angle for the first time, and it does it for me too. Then I moved to my side so he could fuck me from another angle, giving us a better view of his big cock coming in and out of my tight hole. It was a good pounding! I hope you guys enjoy this video of Lunch break sex with Justin, another anal break before we continue with My Border Adventures episodes next week.

performer: Beefcake Justin

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