Washington State Straight Biker Got Serviced

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    Duration: 16:13

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    Performers: gary

    Gary drove his bike all the way from Washington State following his love but then he found himself alone in a new city with no income, while he finds a job, he needed some bucks and decided after giving it some thought participate in my video, he is very masculine and he was in the military for long time, but like he said, he is very comfortable in his own skin, so why not enjoy a good blow job while things get better? and of course he came to the best hands for that. lol right? what do you think Hunters? I know he didn’t make any eye contact while getting serviced, and I know many of you love when the beefcakes make eye contact, but watching that big cock getting hardquick and be hard all the time compensates it!, we know he got “into the zone ” until he cum REALLY good! He told me that after this he feel comfortable enough to come back and pound my ass, lets see! He may find a job soon, but another blowjob and extra bucks are welcome at anytime when you are in a new place, enjoy this video with biker Gary! Washington State Straight biker
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