Trevor Brooks & Ty Santana

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    Duration: 23:09

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    Ty Santana makes his CockyBoys debut flip-fucking with Trevor Brooks in a scene guaranteed to have genuine, passionate chemistry. That’s because Trevor & Ty have been β€œfriends with benefits” for months– and are even hotter for each other now. Knowing what buttons to push, they’re totally excited to give and get pleasure as Trevor hungrily sucks Ty who in turn slobbers over Trevor’s hole. When Ty and Trevor move up from this foreplay, it’s not just fucking. Their passionate kisses and verbal interactions show their deeper connection and it gets stronger as Ty shifts from plowing Trevor from behind to drilling him on his back. Ty cranks up the intensity holding Trevor by the neck, sucking him and and fucking him harderβ€”and Trevor loves it all, soon bringing then closer to cumming. The guys switch it up as Trevor eats out Ty’s hole and sucks him again AND, just as Ty wants him to do, Trevor fucks him with the same wild energy building to orgasm. Again, Trevor honors Ty’s request and breeds him, and with jizz dribbling out of his hole, Trevor shoots a geyser of cum. Trevor licks up plenty of it and shares it in more kisses with Tyβ€”just another one of those benefits of having sex with friends.

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