The Pool Boy – Angel Garcia & Melvin Moore

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    Duration: 19:57

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    He swears he was quietly doing his job. Well I don’t believe him😂💦

    It’s not the first time it’s happened: the boy from the pool appears from time to time in short shorts that make my imagination run wild. 🤯I always greeted him, sat next to me and usually touched me

    I think it made him nervous… but deep down, I know he liked it 😂One day, I took a chance 😨I went to say hello to him, as usual. I sat nearby, as usual. He looked at me and it hit me… as usual 🧐But on that particular day, while he was still cleaning the pool, I pulled my dick out of my pants.🥵🥵🥵

    He saw me and when I felt his gaze, but most of all, his desire… a shudder ran through my body and 🤯😇I knew right away that he wanted to taste it.😰

    He also dared 😈He came and sat on my legs and started to move. I shoved my big hard cock up his ass and he lost all the shame 🔥I needed to be inside him.😖

    I fucked Pool Boy in every position I could think of 🥵I think it was the best day he’s had at work in a long time😅

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