Robert Smola & Viktor Butt

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    Duration: 21:17

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    Raw: Full Contact: It is Robert Smola’s birthday and Viktor Butt has a present for him. He hands over the present and then leans forward to kiss Robert. They both quickly are bare-chested and Robert opens Viktor’s jeans. Viktor gets fully naked, releasing his stiff cock. Viktor leans back and relaxes as Robert takes hold of the massive dick and starts to suck it. Robert sucks the cock and licks the balls too. That big dick easily fills Robert’s eager mouth and he wanks on the cock as well. Viktor’s balls tighten too as his cock throbs hard as it is sucked. Having sucked for a while Robert then gets naked too. His dick is rock hard too and Viktor begins sucking it. He works his mouth all over the beautiful dick, licking around the head too. Robert lays back and enjoys the feeling of the hot mouth on his cock. Viktor wanks hard on his own cock while he sucks on Robert’s. Then Viktor wants more, so his sits his hot ass hole down on the rampant dick. That big cock stretches Viktor’s hole as it slides deep inside. Viktor rides up and down on Roberts cock, taking it so well. His ass slaps against Robert’s belly as he rides the cock. Robert’s hips thrust too as he feels his cock tightly gripped by Viktor’s hungry hole. Then Viktor kneels and presents his ass for more fucking. Robert thrusts hard as his cock goes so deep. The tight hole is stretched wide as Robert continues fucking as hard as he can. Then Vitkor lays on his back to want as Robert fucks him more. He moans as he takes that big cock and wanks his own. With his balls so tight and his dick throbbing Viktor shoots his cum all over himself as Robert keeps fucking. Robert then pulls out and shoots his cum over Viktor too. Having cum he then leans down to kiss Viktor again.

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