Riley Stretches Chris

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    Duration: 18:32

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    Chris is a trooper! Not only was he willing to take on Riley’s big dick, but he excelled at doing just that! He takes a good, hard pounding here and loves every bit of it! What I really love about seeing Chris get fucked here are all the mixes of emotions visible on his face – being blown away by just how good it can feel to have his hole played with and pounded, being so wrapped up in the intense sensations and new experiences, and being on the receiving end of the kind of hot, hard, and heavy drilling he’s used to giving. Indeed, when Chris first arrived at CF he didn’t hesitate to tell us all about his sexual exploits. Chris loves to fuck, and is always eager to find the next person who’s lucky enough to get to feel his dick in them. So I think it was all particularly hot for him to be on the receiving end of a hard pounding – to take it rather than give it, submit rather than dominate. With all of it feeling so good and the entire experience being so intense – and with Riley’s big dick hitting spots in him that Chris didn’t even know could be hit – it didn’t take long for Chris to blast out a load. Surely Riley’s steady, hard drilling helped also! Riley was a man possessed in this one, and the results of this pairing are explosive!
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