Lane Colten & Nick Floyd

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    Duration: 25:03

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    Tags: Bareback, Big Dick, blowjob, Lad, Rimjob

    Performers: Lane Colten, Nick Floyd

    You knew we just had to bring together Lane Colten and Nick Floyd and they make this inevitable pairing even more special with striking chemistry and the kind of intimate passion they both enjoy. From the start the guys derive pleasure from giving it: Nick thoroughly enjoys sucking Lane who in turn eats out the smooth hole he will penetrate. They both know where this is going, but they prolong the anticipation by making out. Lane teases his hole then, just as Nick likes, he slowly penetrates him. Soon though, he pounds Nick in bed until he decides to amp up the excitement by fucking him in the window for all to see. As much as they both get off on this, Lane takes Nick back to bed so he can see his face. Lane & Nick are every vocal, expressing all the desire they have for each other, then showing it physically. After blowing Nick, Lane is awestruck watching Nick’s flexible hips in action with his ankles wrapped behind his neck. Lane plays with Nick’s inviting hole then drills him, making it last as long as possible, until stroking Nick while fucking him,—knowing that gets him off. Like magic, Nick shoots all over himself and that soon drives Lane to shoot over his hole and breed him, leaving him gob smacked by all the cum. They kiss again, knowing this was indeed a truly special match-up.

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