Jax Mastering Rocky

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    One of the thing we all love most about Rocky, among the many things there are to love about Rocky, is how he takes to any kind of action heโ€™s in so well and feeds off his partnerโ€™s energy so well. When his partner wants to be dominated, Rockyโ€™s so darn good at obliging them so well. When the energy is passionate and even intimate, Rockyโ€™s right there with it and sweeps his partner off their feet. When his partner wants to totally dominate Rocky and mercilessly use his hole? Rockyโ€™s there to take it, desperately moaning and groaning throughout, begging for that dick, and wanting nothing more than to have a fellow hung stud totally use and abuse his hole and make him theirs. Rocky gets that treatment here at the hands of Jax, and holy heck of weโ€™ve not tapped into something Rockyโ€™s been needing all this time! Just watch as Rockyโ€™s face down, ass up, loudly gasping and moaning for Jax to pound him. After a deep hard drilling where Rockyโ€™s not touched his own dick at all, Jax flips Rocky over and we see Rockyโ€™s cock for the first time in awhile โ€“ and Rocky is totally hard and stiff, and his eyes (not to mention the words coming out of his mouth) are pleading for Jax to fuck him some more. Good thing Rocky hardly touched his own cock until the very end of this one as well, since it only took a few seconds of doing so before heโ€™s blasting out endless streams of cum!

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