Jack Waters & Tristan Hunter

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    Duration: 24:06

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    Smilin’ Jack Waters is beaming because Tristan Hunter is his scene partner and by the time they’re done, Jack is notably giddy—for one special reason. Of course. Tristan is also delighted and dives right into Jack’s cute butt and after licking Jack’s furry hole he sucks his uncut cock—giving Jack even more erotic joy. Jack gets his shot and eagerly devours Tristan’s cock and juicy balls and trades blowjobs with him, but he really gets to shine when Tristan throats fucks him. Tristan definitely loves this and takes the next step of spit lubing Jack’s hole and fucking him. He keeps up a discernible amount of romantic passion, but also gives it to Jack harder & harder. Tristan & Jack switch up positions several times and, in every instance, it works very well for both of them. When Jack rides Tristan, the guys hit their stride driving Jack to cum and shoot over Tristan. In turn Tristan sucks Jack dry and gives him a gusher of a cumshot and facial—most of which Jack laps up. The euphoria kicks in for both guys—as it should be when they had so much fun.

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