Incident 357: Doin’ Good – Joseph Banks

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    Duration: 28:01

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    Another day, another stash of contraband at the House. This time, the guy was just sitting on his bed not giving a damn. When the House Manager walks in, the guy finds out quickly that someone, indeed, gives a damn. It’s unclear whether the Manager gives more of a damn about the rules, or about getting his dick wet, though. At any rate, we are guessing the rules will be followed by this delinquent – at least in the near future – because he gets a first rate pound down. After a sloppy blow job, our resident of the day shoves his ass up in the air, compliantly, and takes a big fat cock as hard and deep as the Manager can give it. While he is ripping the boy a new one, he tells him that he is “doin’ good.” Well, sure enough, the resident is doing good, and he must let the manager use his hole until he drops a load all over him (and the bed!). This resident deserves everything that’s coming to him!

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