Gus Gulps Galo

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    Duration: 31:20

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    Insatiable Gus is back and his hungry hole is ready and eager to devour Galo’s big hard tool. The regular guy Latin top is busy cruising on his mobile phone when horny Gus strides in, ready for the stud’s big cock. A cock in the hand is worth two in the bush, and a hungry ass is worth more than a dirty pick on your phone. Galo smiles and sets his cruising aside as Gus licks his nips and moves in for a deep juicy kiss. Galo’s hand traces the firm round curves of Gus’ muscular butt. His smooth uncut cock is up and already a full hardon. Gus settles back against a pillow with legs up and spread wide, and Galo can’t resist burying his face in the horny twink’s perfect butt. With arms wrapped around each other, they grind their cocks together till they can’t wait a second more. Gus climbs on top and positions Galo’s dick at the pucker of his cock-starved hole. It slides in smooth and deep while Gus groans with deep satisfaction. He gets onto hands and knees as Galo rams in from behind. Rivulets of sweat, lube and precum drip down his crack and off his tight nuts. Galo rolls him onto his back, pins back his knees and plows in for the hot wet finish. He sucks on Gus’ foot as the bottom starts milking out a big splatter. While Gus’ cum splatters out, Galo shoots his sperm deep into the young stud’s throbbing hole. He grabs Gus by the face, smothers him with hot juicy kisses as they collapse onto the bed.

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