Game of Discord – Murillo Mota & Felipe Hernandez

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    Duration: 24:53

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    Murillo Mota and Felipe Hernandez are friends and decide to share the rent of an apartment, but there are some differences between them. The two begin to point out some situations that most bother each other, making the climate heat up between the two, starting a possible fight. Felipe writes in one of the papers that Murillo always wanted to give him his ass, but never had the courage. After being slapped in the face, Felipe takes courage and steals a kiss from Murillo leaving his friend unresponsive and surrendering to his partner to start a very hot sex and full of whoring between the two to resolve all these differences once and for all enter with regard to chores inside the apartment. Murillo sucks his friend’s cock very hot leaving Felipe delirious with lust with Murillo’s hot mouth swallowing all his yummy cock. Felipe fucks Murillo anyway getting the nasty delirious on his friend’s cock.
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