El Nacho is back !!!

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    El Nacho is back video is Beefcake Ignacio’s farewell scene in the My Border Adventures series. He may return in the future, I don’t know, but he promised me he would work to get me some β€œprimos” (cousins) that may be interested in an incursion in BeefCakeHunter Land πŸ™‚ His initial chats are always fun; he assured me he was someone I could count on. He is happy to know that he has fans, so he is willing to do more at BCH Land. You guys may also notice that he wanted to bring his GF, which was unnecessary, so I disagreed with it this time. He was so ready, lying shirtless on the bed; you could tell he couldn’t wait to get his balls and cock worshipped. Of course, taking advantage of his posture, I ventured to kiss his chest and torse, for then, start teasing his already hard cock under his jeans. Beefcake Ignacio was very participative in this scene, caressing my back and touching my butt while I devoured his delicious dick. That dick was hard, and he was proud of it! Then he started to hit my mouth with his cock. He asked me to do it myself for then asked me also to kiss it. I am glad El Nacho is back because he used my mouth, face-fucking me like there was no tomorrow! Lol When the time came to stick it in my tight hole, I decided to ride him. I rode him well while he grabbed my ass; it felt amazing. Then I decided to reverse-ride him. It was very intense for me, but Chorizo Regio was in the β€œzone” too, fucking me from below and slapping my butt several times! 😊 Then I moved back to front riding him and later lay down on my stomach, where I was at his mercy. Of course, he had no mercy for me and pounded me hard and deep, looking for no more than his satisfaction, and I was happy about it πŸ˜‰ He busted a big warm load on my butt a few minutes later. Oh gosh! I will miss you, Chorizo Regio. I hope you get me some of your cousins and that they are horny as you. I hope you guys enjoy this El Nacho is back video.
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