EBD – Christian Wilde & Dylan Roberts

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    Wish they were all California boys? Well relax because this week they are. Christian Wilde is back home and this blue-eyed sexy hunk is always a good time. Dylan Roberts is also back and these two 21 year old studs hail from Northern California. This year has been a journey of self-revelation for Dylan as he finds himself and his career takes off. Christian sums up his year as ‘Chaos, conscience and finding a way’. Along those lines, we asked these two if they had 5K to donate to charity, what would that charity be. Christian would donate to African water organizations that bring clean water to remote villages. Dylan would like to help underprivileged youth because it’s a growing problem. Speaking of ‘growing’, Christian didn’t realize he had a bigger than average dick until he was 18? It wasn’t until he heard that there were rumors about his size that it made him realize that he wasn’t as small as he thought. Both studs consider themselves bisexual and are avid lovers of both sexes. Both agree that it all has a lot to do with how well they relate to a person, male or female.

    Well, today we just want to see how well they ‘tangle’ and by entanglement we mean… You know… Christian is taking a nap when Dylan walks in and sees an opportunity. He sits down on the couch and lets his fingers roam as he gropes Christian’s cock. Christian wakes up and sticks his head in his crotch as he smiles. What a way to wake up. They begin kissing as they begin to undress. Christian stands up as Dylan unzips his jeans to grab that growing cock. Christian’s dick is straining against his sexy underwear and it only takes Dylan a few seconds to remedy the situation. Dylan wraps his lips around that thick cock and gets to work. Christian moans when his cock is adored. Dylan deftly rotates his tongue along its axis as he feeds on all that meat. Dylan then stands up in his chair and watches Christian return the favor. He grabs Dylan’s cock by the base as he shakes his head at it.

    He looks at Dylan with those blue eyes as he continues to suck that cock. He playfully smacks Dylan’s rock hard cock on the tongue, which only turns Dylan on even more. Dylan then gets even more cock to suck when Christian gets in position to fuck that pretty face of his. All that oral action gets these two ready for so much more than oral. Christian holds Dylan’s legs up as he slides his thick cock inside that hot ass. ‘It’s so tight,’ he moans as Dylan’s ass slowly gives out. Christian is soon burying that baby maker inside him as he picks up the pace. Christian takes Dylan’s hard cock as he fucks him. Christian’s soft balls slap Dylan’s ass as he takes what’s his. Dylan then rides that big dick for more as he starts riding him. Christian leans back and watches as his cock disappears in and out of that tight ass.

    Dylan is riding him like a bouncy ball, unable to get enough of Christian’s cock inside him. They kiss while continuing to fuck. “Do you like it?” taunts Christian (obviously rhetorical!) Christian then leans over Dylan and plows him like a puppy. His cock plunges deep as he fucks her ass faster. It won’t be long before this load needs an outlet. When he’s ready to come, he stands over Dylan and sprays his massive load all over Dylan’s smooth body. Sperm-soaked Dylan stands next to cum as he pushes his own load onto himself. Pretty good ‘MESH’ we got ourselves into, huh!? lol

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