Derek Cage (Derekkagexxx) Fucks Shane Thomas

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    Cool mountain air. Warm sunshine on our faces. A warm, willing hole that was eager for my cum. Shane Thomas, the ever-hungry Australian bottom, woke me up by grabbing my cock and heavy, cum-filled balls. He knew what he wanted and he wasnt going to stop until he got it Maybe we wanted to enjoy the great outdoors. Maybe we wanted to put on a show for all the cabin boys. Maybe it was a bit of everything that got us out onto the upstairs balcony. Its a good thing it was cool outside because Shane and I got all riled up and hot with kissing each other. Shane wasted no time going after what he really wanted though. He dropped to his knees and started getting my cock nice and wet. Shane immediately went all the way down to the base and just kept going. He was so damn hungry for my dick! I wonder if he woke up with the strongest urge to get used and I was the first dick that he got his hands on because he was going to town! Shane is very good with his body language. He gave me one look and then bent over the railing of the balcony. He was just so hungry and eager. Like hardly any foreplay at all. He just wanted to get fucked and that was the only thing that was gonna make him happy. Who would I be not to oblige? Oblige, I did. I bent down to get my face deep inside of his ass and buried my tongue in his hole. You want to know something incredibly hot? I could taste lube in his hole. He was already lubed up and ready to go for me to fuck the hell out of him. I like a man that knows what he wants especially if all he wants is my dick. Usually I would be rimming the hell out of him before fucking him, but I really did get the hint that he just wanted to get fucked as hard and as fast as possible. I wasted no more time sliding my cock inside of him and finding out that I slid in like a glove. His hole was made for fuckingplain and simple. He took my dick easily like it had been there before. It wasnt long before I was slamming my dick inside him hard and fast. His moans getting louder and louder as he realized that I wasnt going to hold back. He wanted this dick so he was going to get it however I wanted to give it to him. You get to see every angle at which I fucked the hell out of Shane. From the side, underneath, and even one of the cabin guys got a shot of us in! I went full-throttle on his hole with moments of tasting the lube, precum, and sweat on his holefeeling my tongue slide in easier and easier because my cock was opening him up nice and wide. With another hint of his body language and look on his face I could tell he was ready for some cum inside his hole. Fast and powerfulI fucked the hell out of him until I came as deep as possible. @shanethomas0 Enjoy!

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