Cody Seiya & Lane Colten

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    Duration: 23:52

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    Cody Seiya and Lane Colten finally have their first one-on-one for CockyBoysβ€”and it’s a flip-fuck! More than friends with benefits or fuck buddies, they’ve had sex more times than they can count and they’re still hot for each other, have genuine mutual affection, and get along in and out of bed. You’ll see what we mean, even before they get going! Lane promises he’s built up a big load and that excites Cody to relentlessly suck his humongous cock, barely stopping even when they get into a 69. Although Lane is ready to fuck, Cody wants to top and he really relishes his roleβ€”as does Lane. But in time Lane wants his turn and he laps his tongue in Cody’s muscle butt, priming him for his cock. Lane segues into drilling Cody with every inch and Cody easily takes him and in fact, he fucks himself on Lane’s cock and grips it with his hole while riding him. Lane takes control once more fucking Cody and it’s not long before he cums and keeps cumming, over Cody’s abs and inside him while fucking a load out of him. As they embrace giddily, Lane confesses it was the longest orgasm he’s ever hadβ€”no wonder he’s so happy!
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