Chris & Tayler Taking Care Of Business

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    Duration: 21:33

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    Tags: Bareback, blowjob, fellatio

    Performers: chris, Tyler

    For two guys who can get down and dirty together oh so well, Chris and Tyler sure dress up nice! Both guys are looking dapper and, dare I say, sexy as hell as we kick things off here with a bit of workplace role-play. Before we get too far into the action, though, some context – Tyler was all about the prospect of getting to play with Chris. When I talked to him about which guys at CF he wanted to get with the most, Chris was at the top of his list. So you’re genuinely watching two guys that are having fun and driven absolutely nuts by the other in action here, and it shows! Had I not told you any of the above, you’d still have figured it out by the look on Tyler’s face as the clothes come off and he and Chris progress through all of the incredibly hot foreplay here. You’ll also see that attraction is most certainly mutual as Chris goes down on Tyler’s cock like a man who’s been starving for it for as long as he can remember, and the way he can not conceal his smiles and smirks. What are we waiting for?! Let’s see Tyler and Chris fuck!!

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