Cain Gomez & David Herrera

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    Duration: 19:06

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    We love it when we walk in on guys ready to show us how they get down in the bedroom. David was happy to get a taste of Cain’s ass, so after a little kissing, he was quick to get into position for a little licking, which made Cain’s hole open up wide, but Cain still had some work to do on David’s cock before he could get fucked, which neither of them minded. But the way David used Cain’s mouth was what they both needed as they prepared to fuck. After some more ass-eating, it was time for them to get down to business, and David was now the CEO of Cain’s hole. David stuffs his boy’s hole like a mailbox, over and over, taking breaks to get his dick sucked and then going right back to it until both their sacks are drained.

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