Benji Vega & El BatoTatoado

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    Duration: 21:24

    Added: 2 weeks ago

    It was another fun night of filming, and we thought we were done for the day until we met up with Benji and El Bato after dinner. We already knew what El Bato was all about and was excited when he told us that Benji was down to film. It took no time to get them back to the house and naked. El Bato knew his role and soon was where he needed to be, sucking Benji’s cock. But Benji is an ass man and went right for the prize as he licked and sucked on Bato’s delicious hole. Once ready, Bato slowly took his seat on Benji’s big cock, and went for a ride as he bounced up and down. But Benji loves being in charge and soon shows El Bato’s ass who’s boss until both dripped cum and sweat.

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