Whatever It Takes To Graduate – Jax Thirio, Jordan Lake


Jordan is close to graduating from high school, but he needs to pass Mr. Thirio’s class to do so. He has no idea about the final exam and thinks he will fail unless his teacher helps him. Thirio can’t help but notice that his student is a handsome young blonde and can help him if he pleases him. With no one else in the classroom, Jax asks the student to do a little dance for him, shaking his bubble butt at the teacher’s crotch. Jordan makes sure to press his ass against Jax’s big cock, making him take off his clothes to spank and eat Jordan’s ass. The boy responds by swallowing the teacher’s dick and getting slapped in the face. Jax grabs the boy and fucks him all over the classroom, spreading his tight asshole open with each stroke. If he can get his cock through your cum hole like that, he might be able to pass the class after all.

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performer: Jax Thirio / Jordan Lake