Trolling My Brother


Jadyko was already tired of being trolled by his brother. Thales always invented a way to make fun of his brother and post it on social media. The jokes gained many followers and Thales was already exaggerating. Every day Jadyko faced some bad joke. One day Thales decided to put chocolate on the chair just because his brother was leaving for work. It was the last straw. Jadyko needed to pay back. The opportunity arose when Thales had to update an app on his cell phone that would be unlocked overnight. Jadyko took whipped cream, accessed her brother’s social network and started live streaming the trolling.

While his brother was sleeping, he started putting whipped cream on his face, then on his nipples and decided to rip off the blanket and put it all over his body so that Thales would wake up all wet. However, Jadyko didn’t know that her brother slept naked, so when she took off the cover she saw her brother with a hard-on. A huge dick indeed. She continued to apply whipped cream and also put it on her brother’s dick. The horny was hitting… she took a peek to see how thick it was and it was very thick. She checked if her brother was really sleeping and that log, smeared with whipped cream, was delicious. The sucking starts to get stronger until Thales wakes up.

Jadyko tries to explain himself, but his brother tells him to continue the job. Jadyko breastfeeds eagerly and cleans up all the cream she had left on her brother. Thales takes the bomb, tells his brother to show his ass and licks Jadyko, leaving his brother’s ass sweet for him to lick. Thales can’t take it and punches his brother’s ass hard, fucking Jadyko in several positions until he fills his brother with milk. Jadyko, full of lust, later enjoys his brother’s finger invading his ass. Only after all this did they realize that the live was being broadcast.

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performer: Botelho / Jadyko