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Three Versions of Martin


Well, well, well, you Hunters have no idea what it took for me to get this Three versions of Martin video done, but I will try my best to explain it in detail! First of all, it was not my intention to have a video called Three versions of Martin, but after you watch the whole video you will know why… lol. Beefcake Martin first appearance at BCH land was last year around October for a blowjob scene, since then he got his fans and many Hunters has been expecting his comeback ever since. The truth is that this sexy blonde Beefcake came back for the fuck scene the very next week after shooting the oral video, everything was going well, until he started shaking his legs (which if you guys have seen the first video, that shaking means that he is or about to cum) and told me he was about to cum. I stopped, and we made a pause before we continued, but after that, there was no way that I could get him to perform. So he got anxious, because his permissible time away from home it was running out, so he promised me that he would be back the following week to do the cum-shot scene. After he left I checked out the condom, and I found out that he actually came while we were shooting the last moment of the fuck scene. At that moment it was understandable why he couldn’t perform anymore that day. The following week he came back as he promised but with short hair, he looks GORGEOUS, a totally different version of him! But if it were the continuation of the shooting he shouldn’t have, but whatever. I got on my knees to get that man jizz out of him and finally get my fuck scene with Beefcake Martin. It took a while (no complains here, I was in BeefCakeHunter heaven lol), but I just needed the cum-shot, then on the first pause that we took, to turn on the pussy porn that I totally forgot, you understand why ?? he got an urgent call from his wife and had to leave, I was like OMG! Noooo! Month after month since then he has been telling me that he was coming to finish the work, just like the first, and he always left me waiting, until I got a brilliant idea to convince him to come back! And it worked! Again, he surprised me with another look, the Third version of Martin, I don’t know but my favorite version is with short hair, he even acted different then, he told me he has a twin brother, I was thinking that maybe he sent his brother then lol, what about you Hunters? What is your favorite version of Beefcake Martin? Again, the goal was getting a cum-shot for the fuck scene, but the process to get there was hot and I think it is worth to add the extra footage of the original fuck scene. I hope you don’t mind and enjoy this Three versions of Martin video, we finally got it!

performer: beefcake martin