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Thick BBC Daquan


Profession(s): Nurse: 22 | 6’2 | 190 | 9″ It has been a while since I enjoyed having a BBC at BeefCakeHunter Land, but my prayers were answered, and the wait is over. This time we not only have a BBC at the BCH arena, but a thick one; that’s right, Beefcake Daquan has a thick BBC, and I loved every second of sucking it! This sexy nurse told me about his recent breakup with his ex-girlfriend. It was a long and candid conversation, and it seems that the experiences with her cemented his interest and performing and making the best out of having that great dick, a dick that he said he doesn’t share with just anyone. I guess we are lucky πŸ˜‰ Beefcake Daquan is a gentle giant, and his nervousness was noticeable once I started playing with his bulge under his pants; he couldn’t stop talking, lol. Then when I finally was able to touch that masterpiece, it was soft, but I wanted to see it grow slowly, so I licked it for a long time before wrapping my lips around it. I went for his balls, but I could tell he was ticklish down there, so I held myself not to overdo them; it was hard; Beefcake Daquan has a thick BBC and thick balls! πŸ™‚ Even after I got him in the “zone,” Daquan still watched now and then the pussy porn playing, but that was ok because he was soft moaning and giving me enough attention to keep me going! Throughout the session, I wanted so badly to go deeper on his cock, but it was physically impossible, but he seemed to want to help when surprisingly, he started grabbing my head against his thick BBC. His louder moaning before erupting a big load inside my mouth that I almost couldn’t show was the pick moment into this BBC Heaven experience! I hope you guys enjoy this video Beefcake Daquan has a thick BBC. Beefcake Daquan has a thick BBC

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performer: BeefCake Daquan

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