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The Richards Family – Tape 1 – Special First Time – Asher Richards & Reese Rideout


I was late coming home. I was surprised to find my dad waiting for me on the couch.

My dad is definitely what most people would call “classically handsome,” even with an expression of stern concern. He has a great face, and definitely a great body. He’s very muscular with massive arms; I would be lying if I said I didn’t find him incredibly hot myself. He was, after all, my first impression of masculinity. He was what I thought men should be.

It’s pretty normal for a guy my age to be horny and turned on all day, every day. But at home, being around Dad definitely made that urge all the more powerful. He filled out his light gray polo very well as it clung to his chest and biceps. His fitted jeans seemed to be molded onto him, threatening to rip if he flexed his thighs.

He asked me to come sit down next to him and, as I did so, I apologized for my tardiness. I was shocked when he abruptly asked me if I was having sex yet. He explained that my first time should be special, safe, and with someone I trusted and cared about. I don’t know what came over me, but I responded with “So, like you?”

He looked a bit perplexed, but to my further astonishment, he simply replied “Is that what you want?” I tried to play it a bit coy and said “Maybe.” My heart nearly jumped out of my chest when he rested his hand on my shoulder. Emboldened again, I rested my own hand on his massive thigh and moved in towards him.

Dad let his big hands roam all over me, and I similarly squeezed his big biceps. Our faces inched closer and closer to one another. I felt the heat begin to rise between my legs. He must have felt as eager as I did because before I knew it, I felt his hand pull my face in from the back of my head to kiss me. The flood gates opened.

We stayed like that for a while, our lips dancing all over each other. We kissed as if we had been a couple for a long time—and I suppose, in a way, we had. Dad asked me to stand up and take my pants off. When I sat back down, he didn’t hesitate to plant his lips back on mine, letting his left hand find its way between my legs again. This time though, he stuck it inside my underwear. I could tell he loved it, feeling his trans son’s wetness and warmth, knowing he was the cause of it. He let his fingers probe all over around and inside me. He removed my underwear and continued to massage my bonus hole.

He brought his mouth to it and began lapping it up, reducing my voice to groans. He moaned as tasted me, too, and knowing that my taste had that impact on him made me feel special in a way I was unprepared for. I told him I wanted to see him naked, and he gladly stood up and dropped his jeans. The outline of his big hard cock was visible through his underwear, in the brief time it remained on him. I couldn’t believe I was about to see my dad’s dick—and possibly host it inside me! He let it free and I was quick to pop it into my mouth. He was supportive and encouraging the entire time I sucked on it, guiding my head along its length, and giving me feedback as I worked him over.

After a few minutes of my blowjob, Dad asked if I was ready for it and told me to lay back. My body quivered as he brought his cock up to my slicked-up, hungry opening. He let the head go in slowly, then inched the rest of the way in. The idea of him filling up my tight FTM hole drove me nuts, and it was really happening! He pulled his cock all the way out and let the head roll around on my T-dick before sliding it all the way back in again. He began to pump in and out of me. I could feel it throb inside my tight chambers.

Soon we were spooning and Dad was making love to me from behind. We found a steady pace. My juices flowed like a river, and Dad let me know that I was getting him close. He kissed me, his moans getting louder and louder as he brought himself to the hilt. Finally, he blew and unloaded inside me, filling me with his seed. His thrusts slowed all the way down as he let the last drops of his orgasm spill in me.

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