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The Grand Blow The Rest Hotel – Derek Cline, Ethan Woods, Jonah Wheeler & Austin Spears


In the high desert of New Mexico, Himeros.tv held a Creator Camp wherein popular OnlyFans models gathered to share ideas, learn about intimacy and connection from Himeros.tv’s tantric sex coaches and acquire filmmaking knowledge from experienced directors and cinematographers. Instead of viewing OnlyFans as competition, Himeros.tv holds that OnlyFans is a great opportunity to turn more men on to the type of authentic connections and creative filmmaking that has become a hallmark of Himeros.tv. This collaboration between Himeros.tv and OnlyFans is about expanding the audience for all of us through mutual success. In each scene from this project, we committed to using the same tools as OnlyFans creators. With the exception of professional sound engineering and lighting design, these scenes are filmed entirely with everyday filmmaking tools like iPhones and gimbals. In many instances, the models do the cinematography themselves. In this experimental scene, models were inspired by the filmmaking style of Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel – and wanted to creatively film a porn with the same aesthetics.

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