Sucking First Mexican Lollipop – Beefcake Alejandro


Sucking first Mexican lollipop! Wow, I am so excited to have my first Mexican Beefcake!, I know that this is going to make all my Mexican Hunters and friends very happy, and what a man! Beefcake Alejandro is packing a cock that is like a piece of art…what a sexy young dude! Yes, we got very lucky that Alejandro missed his connection flight and got stuck in Miami for a few days, but as any 18 year old, he took the opportunity to go and have the time of his life and then boom! He ran out of cash ! Poor thing!.. But I was there to give him a hand, well, a hand and a mouth lol,so he can get what he needs, to get the next flight to his destination. Like always, I am glad to help and take the opportunity to sucking my first Mexican lollipop. Beefcake Alejandro is a little shy and didn’t talk or express himself too much, but his cock spoke for itself and I could tell I was doing a good job. I had to make some technical stops so Alejandro didn’t deliver his massive cum too soon! I noticed myself being very passionate and taking my time to enjoy his lollipop, and who wouldn’t, with that perfect cock? I loved when he told me that “it was close”, but actually he took a little longer and caught me by surprise that I almost “accidentally” swallowed his cum, it’s not that I didn’t want it, maybe in a private session, but for the sake of the “performance ” I had to show it to the world! By now Alejandro should be in his Mexico lindo, we will miss him for the fuck session, or who knows, maybe he will “miss” another flight and be back at BeefCakeHunterLand. I hope you guys enjoy this video Sucking my first Mexican Lollipop!

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performer: alejandro