Staying Behind – Grant Ducati, Tyler Saint


Being new to the team, I do everything I can to keep my hands clean and be as helpful as possible. Fortunately, I began to develop a strong relationship with my fellow coaches, especially Coach Banner. I was quickly becoming his right-hand man and I feel good about that. He seems to be well-liked by the other young athletes, and I hope some of that rubs off on me.

I guess it’s no coincidence that the boy who has caught my attention is none other than Grant Ducati, the young man who recently seduced one of his coaches. Coach Banner is a big guy and Grant isn’t exactly the biggest player on the team, so imagining the two of them together makes my mind race.

I doubt I was subtle in my hints. I noticed the way Grant turns his head in another direction to make it look like he’s not looking in my direction. When some guys offer to run out to get food for the house, we find ourselves in one of those intimate moments together. I try to encourage him to join them, but he says he wants to be with me. This is my chance.

I start chatting nervously and blurt out that I’m impressed to hear he hooked up with Coach Banner. It’s strange to feel that strange desire boil inside just seeing his eyes shine at me. When he flashes that cheeky smile, my rational thoughts dissolve and all that’s left are these lustful fantasies that I can’t let myself get caught up in.

Maybe I forgot how horny these younger boys can get, but it didn’t take long for the space between us on the couch to fill. Grant’s young, toned body kept getting closer; he wanted to kiss me. My thoughts are on fire as my hands move towards his gym shorts to feel his hardening cock. Just as easily as Grant slides across the couch, I slide down to my knees and take his big cock into my mouth. I look at him helplessly as he encourages me to do what comes naturally.

The way his face contorted in ecstasy when I pushed his hard, throbbing member past my lips; It turns me on like nothing else. You’d think I picked up one of the cues from the pool table next to us, it’s so long and hard! He even puts his hands behind his head, it shows how much he enjoys it.

It’s surreal to feel his smaller hands trying to grab my muscular ass when I lean into him. Grant is so tender in the way he massages my hole with his tongue and makes my slit slippery. He grabs the waistband of the shirt and throws it over the back of my head before feasting on my muscular ass.

He positions my body exactly how he needs to, lining up the club like he’s ready to drive balls into my crack over and over again. Grant can’t hold back any longer: he starts thrusting his cock forward and I’m speechless as he works me. The younger boy’s heavy bag hits my back.

Grant is so focused on fucking me that soon the only noise in the room is the quiet tinkling of my metal whistle as it taps my chest as I go to sit on his erection. I know the boy is horny, but wow, did he ever exceed my expectations! I don’t think I’ll ever hesitate when it comes to having a moment alone with another one of these handsome young athletes…

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