Slowly Fucked By BeefCake Arthur


To make this Slowly fucked by Arthur video, a lot of back and forth was needed. He came back a week or so after our initial encounter for the anal scene. Still, things did not work out quite well that day, so we rescheduled it for a day later, but then he just disappeared, reappearing a few days later, then disappearing again. He was playing with my feelings! 🙂 One early morning, he contacted me again to tell me how ready he was; of course, I was in disbelief, and I ignored him, but after a couple of texts, he convinced me that he was for real this time, so I quickly set up everything to make this happen, I was so excited! For taking him so long to return to BCH Land, Beefcake Arthur was very comfortable and chill. It was almost like he enjoyed making me wait and seeing me so happy he was back…lol. It did not take me long to be on my knees in between his legs, caressing that big package under his shorts, of which he is so proud. That cock was almost fully erected when I had him fully naked, but of course, I began with his balls; after all, he also has a massive pair of nuts…yummy! I sucked him good, I went deep, I even kissed his legs, a first for him, as he said, and the best part is that Arthur is an observer; he did not miss almost anything of what I was doing to him, and we love that here at BeefCakeHunter Land, right Hunters? Then on my fours, I got Slowly fucked by Arthur for long. He was intense at moments, but he went slow primarily but deep, and it was very pleasurable for my man-pussy lol; I wish he would have cum like that. I thought he was about to cum, but that was not the case, maybe for future encounters 😉 I started sucking him and sucking his balls again while he was playing with his dick until he busted a big amount of fresh milk; it was so abundant that I had it in slow motion as well. In the end, he was so happy that we made this happen; that is another show itself, lol. I was also delighted and can’t wait to try more with him. I hope you guys enjoy this video Slowly fucked by Arthur.

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performer: BeefCake Arthur