Rumper Room Scene 3 – Benjamin Bradley, John Magnum


John Magnum beats Benjamin Bradley – Coming home from the store, Benjamin has a new video game he can’t wait to play. When he discovers that the rumper room is already in use, his friend John says, “I have something you can play with!” With a smile, Benjamin follows John into the front room, where they begin their naked game. With his rock hard body, his thick muscular ass and his rock hard cock, Johns gives his friend a lot to play with, right! Benjamin literally rips John apart, tearing off his underwear and helping himself to a handful of ass and a mouthful of dick. The play gets more serious when John buries his face in Benjamin’s sweet round ass. Benjamin feels the need for a dick deep inside him. He positions himself to take him from behind and John delivers the goods. He fucks that ass hard. Giving him a long, hard pounding, Benjamin pounds his cock until he can no longer hold back. Benjamin explodes in a hot jet of cum as John drills his hot hole. John likes to see his friend cum with a dick in his ass. This takes him over the edge and he drains his heavy load onto his sweat and cum soaked skin.

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