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Riding Beefcake Kane (Kane (BCH) & Victor)


Continuing with this ass destruction season I decided for this scene of Riding Beefcake Kane to wait for him on my knees by the door. You should know by now that is kind of a fetish of mine πŸ˜‰ Once I pulled down his pants and had in front of me those hairy pubes, I had to hold myself not jumping straight to his delicious cock, but instead slowly licking and kissing his balls and cock while enjoying a hot view from below hmm. You can tell in this video how much worship was done to his hairy legs, a delicatessen here at BeefCakeHunter Land. Never-the-less I found sexy Beefcake Kane a little quieter than in his previous scenes at BCH, but that changed soon when by the end of the standup blow job session he performed some face fucking. Before Riding Beefcake Kane, I got on my fours to try to get him more into the zone, but not without kissing his nipples, his reactions were mixed. If you see Beefcake Kane being a little gentler than his first fuck scene is because I asked him to start slow. For some reason my man-pussy was not feeling one hundred percent well that day, after all I am made from flesh and blood guys come on, and this Ass Destruction season is really destroying my little hole lol. Anyways, I am glad that Kane quickly forgot the instructions and did some serious ass pounding while focusing a lot on my butt, I love that! Feeling more comfortable I made him lay down and I rode him good. At this point he was completely in the zone, you can notice how active he got, grabbing my ass almost all the time, and in the heat of the moment I got very close to his face and I kiss……ed his neck . Beefcake Kane is from out of town, so I don’t know the chances of him being at the BCH arena again, so I included a missionary position in this scene. Kane was more in control and went really deep into my hole. Again, I got very close to his face and from the other angle those Ass Lover Hunters have a beautiful view of his hairy ass. For the grand finale, I sucked him squeezing his cock head, it seems to work really well, because it was not too long until he delivered a big thick load directly into my throat. So, no complains this time about me not swallowing, sorry for the ones who wanted to see the cum-shot, I owe you that .

performer: beefcake kane / victor

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