Relief Scene 2 – Alex Chambers


Alex Chambers, the sexy blonde muscle man from Northern California, makes sure to spend as much time in the California sun while he’s there. Alex Chambers shows off his uncut meat in his COLT Mesh briefs as the sun warms his body. He stretches and flexes as he examines his muscular body. Alex feels a stirring below and pulls his big meaty cock out. He gives it a hard tug to get her juices (and yours!) flowing. He turns to us and shows off his perfect round ass while naked. It stretches your muscles and gives you a close up view of your manhole. Playfully, Alex waves his tool in your face when the camera is close. Alex creates a flow of precum by stroking and touching his big thick cock. As his cock continues to flow his man juice, he increases the intensity of his thrusts. Alex feels a wave of pleasure course through him and releases an avalanche of white lubricant. Alex drinks the last drops of his pain from the ball and collapses in the chair.

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performer: Alex Chambers