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Oliver spilled a big load over my butt


Beefcake Oliver spilled a big load over my butt in this anal encounter, which for a moment, I thought would never happen. Yes, when he was at for the first time at BeefCakeHunter land, he was supposed to also shoot a fuck scene, but then he chickened out, as many Beefcakes sometimes do, but a few weeks later, he surprised me with his return. As you guys would guess, I was happy to have him back. Oliver has many things that I love in a Beefcake: a sexy smile, natural hairy body, thick legs, cute face, and something that I know many Hunters also enjoy: he is a moaner and very reactive to my attention. The initial chat got interesting when I learned that nobody had blown him since I did weeks ago and that he was holding his load for four days! No wonder Beefcake Oliver spilled a big load over my butt at the end of this scene! Of course, I started by taking care of his sexy legs, and once I took his underwear off and went for his balls, he gave us his first moan; being just the beginning, it set my mood for the rest of my servicing. He takes a while to get fully hard, but I love BCH challenges. Then after a long and passionate blow job, I gave him a quick rim before getting on my fours and taking his cock in my hole. Oliver continued to be reactive and moaning. The room temperature rose quickly, and he was sweating while pounding me fast. I know he maybe thought that is what I liked, which is partly true, but then I instructed him to go slower and feel it. Fucking me like that, I grabbed his balls, and I felt his cock getting even harder. When he hit the right spot, I couldn’t hold myself to fuck his nice cock with my ass, which I had not done in a while. He was ready to cum at any minute at this point. Then when he asked me for permission to cum, he used what he had just learned, slow and rhythmic drilling to shoot a huge load all over. I was like, wow! I had to watch that, and I turned around quickly while a lot of cum was still dripping on my butt! I hope you guys enjoy this video Oliver spilled a big load over my butt.

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performer: Oliver

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