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Old Flame Jay | Hard Ass Pounding


Old flame Jay is back after almost two years, but I am sure that there are some Hunters that remember and want Jay to be back in the BeefCakeHunter arena! Beefcake Jay is still working as a Chef but is exploring other career options. One afternoon after a job interview it crossed his mind to contact me to see what I may have for him, and of course I have some time for him. I knew I wasn’t wrong about him when he arrived showing a new look and wearing job interview clothes, he looked so sexy! Something that hasn’t changed in my old flame Jay is how serious he is, but I like that, that added masculinity to his already sexy persona. After the chatting part of the video, I noticed how often and quick he was sobbing his cock. Beefcake Jay seemed to be eager to get a warm mouth on his cock, but I took my time unbuttoning his shirt, touching his chest and belly. I took off his pants and underwear, and even after that I took my time to worship his balls, and when the moment was right I grappled my lips around his cock. The facial and his whole-body reaction was beyond hot! He was tender in touching my face, back and ass, but at the same time he got rough and face-fucked me a lot, which I loved it! Until that point the major difference between this encounter and the previous ones was that he has become a moaner, and a good one LOL but in the fucking part is when I got my biggest surprise. There is no comparison this time with our last fuck scene, he wanted to be in charge and his desire to stick his cock in my man-pussy was visible. When he did I complained about the pain I felt when he first stuck his tool in my ass. You may think: “Come on, you have taken bigger ones!” LOL, but Jay’s cock was super-hard and its lightly curved upwards, so that is a combination that may pose a challenge sometimes. But I passed that in a blink and then I loosened up to receive his pounding. After that his pounding game was superb! He fucked me hard doggy and missionary position! Wow! I am so glad that old flame Jay is back and I know many of you are too, enjoy guys!

performer: jay

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