Meeting Coach’s Expectations – Nick Woods, D Dan


Nick has had some behavioral issues in the past, the kind that kept him on the bench. He didn’t get many chances to prove his worth to the team. It wasn’t until his most recent private training session with Coach Patrick that he left a truly positive impression on – and within – one of the coaches. Seeing potential, Coach Patrick decided to recommend Nick for a private session with Coach Dan next.

Coach Dan saw the determination in the boy’s eyes. Still, he wasn’t prepared for Nick’s response; bewilderment gripped the older man as Nick pulled out his semi-hard cock for his trainer to measure. Nick’s thick member became hard in the coach’s strong, warm hands, and with that – judging by Coach Dan’s expression – his chances of returning to the team increased.

Coach Dan started slowly, licking off the pre-cum that was on the tip of Nick’s cock. He took his time, savoring the sweet and salty flavor, until he felt Nick’s cock twitch against his tongue. Nick filled his trainer’s mouth as he slowly pushed the head deeper and deeper down his throat. The coach gargled the player’s beautiful member and, in his mind, was evaluating the boy’s performance favorably…

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performer: D Dan / Nick Woods