Let Me Make It Up To You – Jax Thirio, Damian Rose


Damian is super excited about the next show. His stepfather Jax was supposed to buy him tickets, but when the boy asks, he realizes he completely forgot about it. Desperate, he goes online to buy a last-minute ticket, but everything is sold out. Damian’s heart is devastated and he blurts out the fact that he is not his real son, breaking his stepfather’s heart. Jax tries to comfort Damian, so he hugs him tightly and tells him he loves him. As he wraps his arms around the young man’s body, he feels the boy’s groin getting hard and pressing against his bulge. Surprised, Jax asks his stepson if the situation turns him on. Damian confesses his horny feelings to his stepfather, so Jax decides to compensate him for the concert tickets in a nastier way.

Dropping to his knees, the hunky stepdad starts sucking Damian’s dick while looking into his eyes, making him promise not to tell his mom. Damian agrees as he enjoys the hot feeling of his stepdad’s mouth gagging on his cock. Now completely naked, the young man goes straight for his stepfather’s cock, savoring every inch of it. Jax’s lewd tongue gets weird again, so he decides to lick his boy passionately before filling his asshole with his cock. Jax gives his stepson’s ass a hot spanking, making him moan until he forgets about the show and tells him to call him “Sir”. He then pulls out his dick and starts stroking it to shower his boy with his creamy load.

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performer: Damian Rose / Jax Thirio