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Keith Fucked Me Missionary – Beefcake Keith


Profession(s): Security Guard: 41 | 6’3 | 185 | 8″ It was about time that BBC Keith fucked me missionary! but probably, it was not the best timing for him because I noticed a more self-conscious Beefcake Keith, quiet and too serious. a few weeks before, we chatted, and I learned that somebody he knows saw him at BeefCakeHunter Land, and I believe that played a part in his shy behavior in this scene. Anyways, me knowing that, I did everything possible to get him comfortable, but it probably did not help the fact that I got touchy with him, but I can’t help it; he has a fantastic body that I love so much! πŸ˜‰ Keith maybe acted shy, but his beautiful cock didn’t! It was almost fully erected at the moment I pulled down his shorts. Then I feasted on his cock seated and on my knees; thankfully, by the end of the bj part, he got more relaxed. Before BBC Keith fucked me missionary; I knew I had to get him more comfortable, so we tried some doggie style, which was cut short since the position was not easy for him; then I laid on my stomach to let him fuck me slow and feel him closer to me, in this part, I kissed his arms! by then, he was becoming more verbal, finally! 😊 Then I turned around, so BBC Keith fucked me missionary. It was terrific the vision I got of his sexy chest and shoulders in that position, and I dared to touch them. Little by little, he went harder and deeper while becoming more verbal, calling me his “little bitch” lol. Even though he was about to cum a couple of times while plugging me, I preferred to have him seated to suck some more and squeeze his man jizz out of him, and yeah, it was a lot of jizz! I hope you guys enjoy this video BBC Keith fucked me missionary. BBC Keith fucked me missionary

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performer: Beefcake Keith

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