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I Fucked My Cousin’s Ass – Danilo Alemao & Danndy


Danilo Alemão has a huge desire to hook up with his cousin Danndy, but he prefers to maintain an image of a straight guy. Danndy sees the photos of some girls on her cousin’s cell phone to enjoy it very tasty and arranges to go on a ride with his cousin to pick up some of them. The next day, Danndy goes to his cousin’s house and while he goes to get the car keys, he comes across pictures of Danilo with his tail hanging out on his cell phone. Danndy gets horny and decides to cancel the appointment and stay at home alone with his cousin to enjoy it. Danndy puts Danilo to suck his juicy and delicious dick and then puts his cousin to sit on his cock. Danilo loves to give his ass to his hot cousin and groans with lust when he is penetrated by the nasty. The cousins ​​are gonna have a really nice afternoon and you can see how far this joking among them will finish.

performer: Danilo Alemao / Danndy

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