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Hot Wet Session With Beefcake Keith (BCH)


Profession(s): Security Guard: Hot wet session with Beefcake Keith for his first anal video at BeefCakeHunter Land is what many Hunters have been waiting for. He kept his word even though he found a new job as a security guard, he is still willing to stop by at BCH upon request πŸ™‚ So, this Hot wet session with Beefcake Keith started with him being in the middle of the BCH arena, sensually stripping for us. During this part of the video, two things requested from some Hunters were fulfilled, even before they asked for them: Keith showing his sexy bald head and Keith wearing white socks…. nice. Touring around his sexy and tall body, he was already warming up his thoughts. I could tell that because even there, he was clothing his eyes. I also dared to touch his hard pecs, something that I was eager to do from the very beginning of the scene. Then I got on my knees to start enjoying his beautiful dick, but that part didn’t last much since I noticed that Beefcake Keith prefers to be service seated. While he was sitting, I indulged in his cock so much, and I got him very quickly into the “zone.” He started moaning and grabbed my head against his BBC for most of the bj session, making me chock at some points. I almost made him cum, oops! Then he asked me what I was waiting to hear, and we moved to the fuck part. Once on my fours, Keith started slow but firm; the hardness of his cock felt amazing, and I began to get verbal and ask him to go deeper and harder. I did push my man-pussy against his cock several times; I know… sometimes I am a little “pushy” lol. Still, he went along with me and gave me a good pounding while his facial expressions became hotter and hotter. He was already dripping in sweat when he was about to cum, going faster until he blew his abundant flying jizz all over my butt, lol. It felt amazing! I hope you guys enjoy this video Hot wet session with Beefcake Keith. Hot wet session with Beefcake Keith

performer: Beefcake Keith