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Home Invasion – Amone Bane, Rob Quin & Scott Hardy


What’s up, Say Uncle fans? Ready for a new All-Stars video? Then you’re in for a treat, as the next scene is guaranteed to make you cum! For this one, Scott plays Rob’s stepdad, a worried cop that wants his boy to be more careful. There have been reports of marauders breaking into houses at night. Rob fails to listen to his stepdad and is surprised that same night by Amone. The thief comes through the window to take some valuables but ends up enjoying a hot fuck session with Rob instead. Just before finishing, Scott hears some noises and rushes to Rob’s room to find Amone plowing his stepson. He quickly grabs the thief and gives him a taste of his own medicine by pounding his ass. What started as a break-in ends in an amazing threesome as Amone and Scott take turns to fuck Rob!

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