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Getting Fucked by Beefcake Raymond


Long blow job for sexy mixed dude. Getting fucked by Beefcake Raymond may be a surprise for many Hunters, since he got some bad reviews. It seemed like it would be an impossible task to get him at my “back door” here at BCH, but the truth is that he was very willing to do the scene, and of course I was very eager to get fucked by him. After all, nothing changes the fact that he has a delicious BBC! Obviously, I avoided to made him talk much, if not at all, we know by now that he is not into that. I spent some time touring his sexy beefy body, before getting on my knees and wrapping my lips around his semi-hard cock. Down there looking up to him, I was thinking oh my gosh, here he goes again with no reactions! But, things started changing slowly and we got a more expressive Beefcake Raymond, wow! What a challenge to me! He even got to face fuck me, something that I really enjoy, specially with a cock like his; that is straight and with the right thickness to feel very deep inside any cocksucker throat! What a treat! As you can see I was really enjoying the blow job session, but I was also anxious to sit on his BBC, and I did it from the side, so we can appreciate his sexy beefy body with his legs spread out, it was a very nice ride, I was at home for sure! Lol Switching positions in Getting fucked by Beefcake Raymond to doggy style and my level of naughtiness went to the roof! It was a very pleasurable sensation feeling that hard cock in my ass, and I could not hold myself to play a little rough with my hands on his hard body. At some points I was begging him to go harder and deeper, the final moments of the fuck session were the best! It was like he got it, he understood what my pussy-ass needed, and he gave it to me! I wanted that cock back in mouth so I finish him up by sucking and jerking him off to get a very thick sample of his babies in my mouth, wow! I hope you guys enjoy this Getting fucked by Beefcake Raymond video!

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performer: raymond

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