Getting Drilled by Hawaiian Beefcake Kevin


Since this cutie’s availability was for a short period of time, I had to make the most of this Getting drilled by Hawaiian Beefcake Kevin session, and you will see what I mean. Again, I am amazed by Kevin’s personality, he couldn’t be more nice, easy going, humble and willing to give his best to the Hunters. He knows that his time at the BCH arena is short, so he seems to want to make the best of it as well. I don’t remember seeing any other Beefcake so happy to strip down like this sexy dude. He was all smiles and was breathing heavy. After few minutes of playing with himself, he was sooooo ready for the action, and of course I was sooooo ready to take care of that delicious meat that he has between his legs hmm. For the ones that like POV (I know not all of you do), there is a very intense POV sucking full of Kevin’s moaning of pleasure, he really wanted that cock to be swallowed good! Then more sucking, balls licking, feet worshipping, face-fucking, nipples and armpits kissing was in the menu, before Getting drilled by Hawaiian Beefcake Kevin. What a feast here at BeefCakeHunter Headquarters ?? To start the fuck part, I rode his cock for a few minutes, I was so close to stealing a kiss from him! Then, when on my fours, that thick hard cock felt so good, that this may be the longest doggy style fucking session so far this year. But the fun doesn’t stop there, at some point I laid on my side to get some more pounding, I loved that part, because I was able to watch Beefcake Kevin’s beautiful face and touch his chest, wow! Then, without much pause I accommodate myself, so he can continue fuck me but in missionary, I couldn’t get closer than that to kiss him (I was dying to do it, but patience is the name of the game…lol). After that Kevin was so exhausted but still horny, and I took the opportunity for some tenderness, and finally I did some massaging before getting my face between his legs again, to help him finish up with a nice creamy load, Kevin’s performance was great! I hope he can escape again soon and visit us for more fun! I hope you guys enjoy this Getting drilled by Hawaiian Beefcake Kevin guys!

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performer: kevin