Estate Of Man Scene 3 – Joe Justice, Win Soldier


What could be better than hot sex outdoors? Win Soldier, a horny stud who is sexy and hot in his joggers, enjoys a glass of wine while relaxing on the lawn. Joe Justice, his muscular friend, is busy trimming the bushes. Win decides it’s time for his muscular friend to take a break. He pulls Joe close and gives him a wet, open-mouthed kiss. Joe gives up his scissors to Win’s aggressive kissing, grabbing and groping. Win reaches down Joe’s shorts to take a bite of Joe’s hard, uncut cock. Win grabs his own heavy tool and lets Joe attack his uncut monster. Joe uses the lawn furniture to climb up and suck Win in a hot 69 party. Joe sucks every bit of Win’s jawbreaker while Win gets a face full of hot dick. Win places Joe in such a way that he has full access to his hot ass. Win dives in face first, licking, probing and slapping that hot ass to get it wet and lubricated for his big dick. Win then drives his cock deep with one powerful thrust. Win gives Joe’s fetus a hard spanking from the first thrust. Joe gets fucked hard from behind, causing deep moans into the air. Joe takes a wild ride on his big dick after breaking it in. Win is fucked in several punishing positions, bringing him closer to the edge. Win screams in pain as the frenzy reaches boiling point. He then spreads the pent up load of cum all over Joe’s smooth muscle chest. Joe’s dick catches fire from the hot cum that splashes onto his chest.

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performer: Joe Justice / Win Soldier