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Eli Enjoys Tyler


Get ready for some cuteness overload in this one! Granted, the instant you saw we’d put Eli and Tyler in action with one another, you knew you were going to get a heaping dose of cute. But all of the overwhelming cuteness here comes with loads of sexiness, passion, intensity, and this episode will undoubtedly leave you extremely satisfied! I’d been looking forward to getting Tyler into some action since the moment we all met him – given how insanely hot his solo episode was, we could not wait to see with another CF stud. Not only was Eli available to break Tyler into action at CF, but he was more than happy to do the honors – he wanted himself a piece of Tyler just as much as we all want a piece of Tyler and as much as we all want to see these two together. Judging by how hungrily Tyler dives down to swallow Eli’s cock, Tyler really wanted this episode to happen, as well! Goodness, these two look amazing together! It really is priceless seeing two guys who enjoy sex as much as these two and enjoy showing off as much as these two in action with one another!

performer: Eli / Tyler

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