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Edging sexy handyman Jayden


A few nights ago, I finally found myself Edging sexy handyman Jayden, and I say finally because I have for years, I have been in talks with him about blowing him for the BCH lens, and well, he agreed at last, no, without asking me the see some of my “work” first. Beefcake Jayden is in his mid-thirties, but he looks way younger. When he took the sweater off, I was amazed by how sexy his body was, his body was oiled, and I enjoyed caressing it before putting my mouth to work on his delicious cock, which was halfway hard when I reached it underneath his underwear. Even though Jayden appeared to be distracted and even detached from what was going on that moment at BeefCakeHunter Land, and that is probably because he saw my “work” beforehand, that is why I rarely agree to that, his cock tells us a different story, that perfect shape tool was fully erected all the time, ready to be feasted on. While Edging sexy handyman Jayden, he surprisingly gave me a few instructions now and then, and I came to realize that he was trying to distract himself to avoid cumming too soon; that was very kind of him! So, we made a slight pause. When we resumed, I started slow again, but he got hard quickly, and having that perfect cock in front of me, I couldn’t hold myself to enjoy it very well, and again I got him close to coming, but this time, I wanted him to. Especially hearing him becoming more verbal and engaged in my servicing, I was so ready for his load! Those final moments were tremendous; Jayden delivered a big nut for just a day and a half of saving it. I hope you guys enjoy Edging, sexy handyman Jayden. He didn’t promise anything, but I am so looking forward to having him inside me next time.

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performer: BeefCake Jayden

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