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Czech Hunter 693


During yet another of my horny camera trips I noticed a man urinating in a park. I couldn’t see anything, so I at least shouted at him to stop. It scared the dude quite a bit, but he was still in the mood for a little chat. It turned out he was a college student and was short of money. That was great because I really wanted to see his peeing cock. He reluctantly agreed. I still couldn’t see much but it was fun. The guy was all anxious about being filmed in public, so I offered him more paper and we moved to my place. There I was finally able to have a good look at his hairy body, especially his massive balls. He wasn’t too difficult, I simply had to keep stuffing his pockets with cash and enjoy the ride. His hairy ass swallowed my boner with ease and then I simply filled his mouth with cum.

performer: Dee

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