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Conquering Cowboy Beefcake Arnold (BCH)


Profession(s): Handyman: 35 | 6’2 | 168 | 8″ Conquering Cowboy Arnold was the logical next step in the My Border Adventures series; for me, he is like a big new land of opportunities, ready to be explored and conquered, and that showed up in this new BCH scene. This time he is wearing a cowboy hat that goes very well on him, and during our initial chat, I noticed that he might not have extensive experience plugging ass, but he recalled it to be something he enjoyed; he said that is a different “texture”, a very interesting new statement here at BeefCakeHunter Land! When on my knees, before undressing him, I went straight to his beautiful big white cock. His level of confidence, horniness, and willingness turned me on so much that it took me a while to take his boots, pants, underwear, and socks off; yes, for those BCH Feet lovers, you will have feet here πŸ˜‰ I really feasted on his cock while caressing his hairy legs. Hearing his hot soft moaning, I knew I was Conquering Cowboy Arnold. Of course, doggy style would be the position in his first experience tagging my tight hole. He was so ready because that tool never went down for a second. Once positioned inside me, I knew it would deliciously hurt at some points, but like I always say, somebody has to do it! Lol During the pounding, he kept the same rhythm, hard and deep. We can see that he opened and closed his mouth as a sign of pleasure. He even gave some glances at my loved/hated thong, lol. It felt so good, but for some reason, and I couldn’t hide it, I felt some pain, but I used some of my tricks (take notes Hunters), moved around, and became verbal, which helped mitigate any temporary discomfort. He was enjoying the show! Lol For the cum-shot, I knew I must have him sit while I sucked him good using my thong and hands. Again, his orgasm was intense and loaded. Ummm. I hope you guys enjoy this Conquering Cowboy Arnold scene. Conquering Cowboy Arnold

performer: Beefcake Arnold

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