Climbing Kingston – Blake Bishop (BBA), Kingston (BBA)


Hard to believe it’s already been ​almost a year and a half since ​we last saw Kingston taking dick here at BBA, after stubbornly refusing to do so for years.

Like many of you, we’ve been eager to see the cocky Jamaican straight boy let another man slide his hard, raw dick deep inside that tight, hairy ass, and felt like it was finally the right time to escalate his training by introducing him to a big-dicked BBA legend who could coach him through the kind of aggressive pounding we haven’t seen him surrender to yet.

Kingston and Blake Bishop are hanging out and playing cards when ​they make a friendly wager on their next game, proposing that the loser give the winner some ​head.

“I’m a very good student!” Kingston teases the horny older veteran model after (spoiler alert) losing the game. “Would you like to find out?”

See for yourself what happens when ​this high-stakes ​game ​of “War” turns into an unforgettable night of ​hot man-on-man sex, including lots of ​sensual tongue-kissing,​ aggressive throat-fucking, ​hungry ass-​feasting, and of course ​Blake picking right up where ​Dominic and ​Zander left off ​by thoroughly “breaking in” the light-skinned pretty boy’s tight, pretty​ hole!

​It’s Kingston like we’ve NEVER seen him before, squirming and grunting and moaning before finally submitting to a passionate pounding from his BIGGEST DICK YET!

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performer: Blake Bishop / Kingston