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Calan’s Fireside Fuck With Wyatt


Face down, ass up, back arched, that flawless ass raised high so Wyatt can pump his cock in and out of it?! Goodness, does that look ever suit Calan perfectly! Calan can not get enough action – he loves sex, and it shows through every noise he makes and every expression on his face as he’s going at it with another guy while we all watch. You can just tell he loves everything about it, and that enthusiasm invariably runs off on whoever we’ve paired him up with and helps generate some blazing hot results! That’s as true as ever here, and whether in that aforementioned face down/ass up position or bent over doggy style or even riding Wyatt – or any position in between – Calan’s having the time of his life and Wyatt is spurred on to fuck deeper, harder, faster, and longer as he sees just how much Calan’s enjoying having his stiff dick in his hole!

performer: Calan / Wyatt