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Blowing Young Country Dude Zack


Blowing young country dude Zack was short but intense! This cute country Beefcake crossed my way while I was in Central Florida working with Papa Kream and Justin. He looks very shy, even a little suspicious of me, that is why I cut the chat part short. Beefcake Zack has beautiful blue eyes. He is single and lacking of a steady job in the construction business. He doesn’t look like a construction worker but it seems it is his family business. Anyways, he wanted to explore other venues and we are happy to show them to him Again, it was a sunny afternoon in the same hotel room of my previous adventures, and like you can hear in the back ground, while the wild young dudes outside are riding their jet skis, I am here working! Sometimes life is hard! ?? Anyways, after a very short chat with Beefcake Zack, I got on my knees. Touching his pants, I took my time, so the moment would build some expectation in him. Then after I made him take his pants off, I could see that he already had a boner under those underwear wow! Something tells me that he LOVES blow jobs and he hasn’t received one in a while. This country boy was eager for some loving to his dick, and I was more than ready to give it to him. Blowing young country dude Zack became very intense, the more he moaned, the more I got into it. My lips were very tight wrapping his beautiful cock head, wow I love his whole-body response to the servicing, and I gave him some serious licking action to his pink balls! I wished he lasted longer but I knew he couldn’t hold it for much more time and he exploded with a big sweet amount of cum! I don’t know, maybe he liked too much. Lol. Anyways, it was hot blowing young country dude Zack. Enjoy the video Hunters, it’s kind of short but intense for sure!

performer: zack

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